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Working with members in our community and make a difference

Why Become a TAJCCNC Sponsor?

Purpose: The purpose of the TAJCC-NC Sponsorship Program is to provide members and business owners with an opportunity to showcase their business, profession, or their charitable interest with our members in the bay area and raise income for TAJCC-NC.  Our featured events are: Keynote speaker- Stanley Yen, i-Sing Singing Contest, Monthly Network Hour, Business Series Seminars, Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival, Single’s Event, Community Service,  and Annual Gala.

北加州台灣青商會在過去的日子裡,從2012年10月第一次舉辦的每個月會員交流活動至今,到場的人數從12人增至每個月80 人與會,青年首次購屋講座、創投資金講座、海外投資稅與法講座、 與人溝通講座、美國稅務講座、漫步在雲端 (與社區華人長輩教學相長)、 青商旅遊、企業參訪-LinkedIn 、單身約會、元宵慶團圓、i-Sing 歌唱大賽 (5-6/13)、中秋節慶典 、捐血、捐玩具公益活動,北美與世界商會年會....等 。您無私的奉獻,讓我們能再創成果豐碩的佳績。感謝您真情支持,才能讓本會可以蓬勃發展!

If you are looking to increase exposure of your business, here are some reasons why you should consider becoming one of our sponsors!

  • Brand Visibility to over 8,000+ people Brand Visibility in Websites, Flyers, Media & Social Network Platform! Interaction with over 5,000 people
  • Tax Deductible: We are the local chapter of an international non-profit organization
  • We have many events: 2+ events every month with 2000+ direct interaction exposures per month
  • We have connections to TAP-SF, NAAAP, Monte Jade, Taiwanese Bay Area student organizations at various colleges and universities, Taiwanese Alumni organizations covering all ages
  • Facebook Events Exposure: 2700+ members on TAJCC-NC Facebook page!
  • TAJCCNC.org traffic: 2000+ clicks on our iSing event page during the event time frame!
  • Exposure through mass media: Newspaper exposure during press conferences for our events. Exposure through mass media. ETTV supports us in their TV advertising.
  • We are directly supported by OCAC (Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission)—direct support by Taiwanese government!
In addition, you can include special vouchers/coupons to place in our annual yearbook and/or event program books to track your advertising success! We distribute our yearbooks at our events and monthly networking socials! Provide us with your logo and email to most effectively capture traffic for your exposure. Due to our connections with other media outlets (ETTV, radio, etc) we are MORE effective than advertising on those channels alone.
You may become a general sponsor by having a presence on our website's homepage all year or by being an event sponsor and have your website presence for a specific event. Space is limited on our website event pages. First come first serve!  Provide coupons/vouchers on the advertisement to see the effectiveness of your advertisement!

For complete Sponsorship in PDF, please click here

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